Heidi Coffee is the owner and head designer of Coffee Grounds Garden Design, LLC. She has been a resident of the Northwest for most of her life. Her love for the outdoors spawns from generations of family connected with nature. From grandparents on the one side of her family who had their own private greenhouse to cultivate the plants they loved, to Montana farmers and ranchers on the other side, Heidi’s exposure to the beauty and function of the earth is deeply rooted.

Heidi Coffee has a degree in landscape design and is a certified ornamental horticulturalist. Landscape design has been the perfect intertwining of her two passions, people and gardens. Her love for beauty and community is reflected in every design. She hopes that through her landscape designs she will be able to contribute to the quality of life that her clients desire through the allure and function of plants, hardscapes, and outdoor spaces.

For clients looking for design work, Heidi offers a free half hour initial meeting to walk with you through your landscape and talk with you about how you hope to use your outdoor space, and answer any questions you may have about the design process. From there she can put together a bid for your design.


Landscape Design

“Being in the garden has always been my place of serenity, inspiration, hard work, reflection and hospitality. I love encouraging people to be outside and take in the beauty this world has to offer; to find a sanctuary in a very busy society.” -Heidi Coffee