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Coffee Grounds Garden Design, LLC
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“Heidi, the owner of Coffee Grounds Garden Design, is a talented and creative gifted hard working woman who is a joy to work with. She has helped me with projects for homeowners that are looking to sell their homes. With her attention to detail and insight she had increased the curb appeal and helped homeowners receive top dollar. In addition after my clients have purchased a property and want to personalize it she is extremely knowledgeable about plants and is a true professional. I highly recommend Heidi!!” - Jeanne B

“It is a privilege and a gift to have a job that I love. I enjoy working with my clients to give them a garden that reflects their dreams and individuality.” -Heidi Coffee

What They Say:

“Beautiful well kept garden at home and at the job - couldn't speak more highly of a garden designer!” -John M.

“Heidi does excellent work! I've used her several times and trust her completely!!” -Cindy D.

“Motivated-honest-hard working-understanding who wouldn't want to hire Heidi...she's just Fabulous!!” -Robert C.

Coffee Grounds Garden Design, LLC

Phone: 206.300.9127
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