Landscape Services

Design - Considering a new landscape design can seem daunting, but Coffee Grounds Garden Design, LLC strives to make the process exciting and as stress free as possible.

What to Expect:
Client survey - Before the initial on-site consultation landscape designer, Heidi Coffee, will send a client survey. This will help hone in on what is important to the client in an outdoor space, and help her understand the clients individual style, the way they live, and resources available.

Consultation - Heidi will then schedule an initial meeting (free for the first half hour) in which she will meet with the client and walk with them through their property. This is a time to discuss what they like about their property, what they don’t like and any concerns they may have. If the client decides to go forward and hire Coffee Grounds Garden Design, LLC, to do design work, Heidi will take measurements and photographs at this time, or at future scheduled date, of the existing landscape to put together a site analysis that will be used in planning the new landscape.

Conceptual drawings - After the consultation, Heidi Coffee will draw up one or more conceptual designs and sketches and will meet with the clients to go over them. She will discuss with the elements of what will go into the design and what appeals to the clients.

Master Plan - Finally, Heidi will compile all the information gleaned from the initial meetings and conceptual plans and put it together in a final master plan. She will meet with the client to go over the final master plan which will include:

  • A drawn to scale map of the property incorporating the new design and plant placements.
  • At least one view sketch of the finished design.
  • A Planting Plan - including photos of the plants with common and botanical names, quantities needed, sizes, and maintenance guidelines.

Installation - Coffee Grounds Garden Design, LLC can match you with an installer to get your project up and running. Heidi is also available to coach clients through the process if they would like to do the installation themselves.

Site Visits - Heidi Coffee is also available for site visits to help answer questions or coach clients on how to prune or maintain their beautiful landscape.

Coffee Grounds Garden Design, LLC provides:

  • Landscape consultations - Coffee Grounds Garden Design, LLC provides consultations with clients to asses their landscape and offer tips and advice on what can be done in their outdoor spaces.
  • Container design
  • Design of custom outdoor living spaces such as:
    • Children’s gardens
    • Terraced gardens
    • Theme gardens
    • Mediterranean inspired gardens
    • Herb gardens
    • Labyrinths and mazes
    • Aerial viewed gardens that are designed to be enjoyed from ground level as well as creating an overall picture that can be viewed from the sky.
    • Chicken coops in gardens
    • Tropical hardy gardens
    • The creative possibilities are endless!
  • Artistic renderings of proposed landscape plans
  • Garden clean up and restoration - Sometimes a garden just needs some tender loving care to bring it back to its past glory, instead of a complete makeover. Heidi Coffee can provide consultation direction by surveying the landscape and making plant removal, relocation, addition, care, or pruning suggestions, as well as assessing patios and walkways.
  • Planting lists and recommendations - These include the common and botanical names of plants including photos of the plants, quantities, sizes, and maintenance guidelines.
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Plant selection, purchase and placement



What They Say:

“Beautiful well kept garden at home and at the job - couldn't speak more highly of a garden designer!” -John M.

“Heidi does excellent work! I've used her several times and trust her completely!!” -Cindy D.

“Motivated-honest-hard working-understanding who wouldn't want to hire Heidi...she's just Fabulous!!” -Robert C.

Coffee Grounds Garden Design, LLC

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