Before: The entry garden to this home business was bare.

After: The welcoming Japanese lantern and colorful year round plantings, welcome guests and clients alike.

Before: Front - Clients wanted fresh grass, low maintenance continuity for plantings, irrigation system and river rock to go between sidewalk and side fence.

After: Front - Fresh grass, new irrigation, and river rock added along the fence line.

Before: Spotty grass, and a permanent drain in the middle of the lawn made this a fun challenge!

After: A bridge and dry riverbed around the drain allow for great drainage while plantings will fill in along the path and the lantern lights the way in this Asian inspired garden.


After: Bamboo liner added to the fence creates a private retreat.

Before Back

After: Shed, boulder seats and herb planter to be added at a later time

Before: The main entrance to their back garden lacked the welcome the homeowners wanted. Due to HOA guidelines the entrance could not be moved.

After: The white rock and stone path clearly mark the way into the Asian inspired garden.

Before: the encroaching shrubs made it difficult to use the path. The clients were tired of their grass.

After: The varieties of succulent groundcovers create a rainbow of color year round!



Before: These clients enjoy hosting neighborhood dinners and events. They wanted a beautifully functional space that would be hospitable to all ages.

After: A life sized chess board doubles as a second patio for additional seating. A built in wooden storage bench and a gate is yet to be added.


After: Boulders are situated conveniently to add extra seating near the larger patio.

Before: This new home's back yard was lacking color and interest. The layout was inconvenient for the clients.

After: Now, the new beds, a new water feature, irrigation system, stairs, sitting area, cutting and herb gardens provide the home owners with colorful interest and functionality year round.


After: Entering this garden makes guests feel like the royal green carpet has been rolled out for them!


After: An herb and cutting garden conveniently located outside the kitchen.



Before: This client wanted a change from the overgrown shrubs

After: New plantings and a colorful pot give this home an open, airy, and fresh start.

Before: This neglected home in beautiful Issaquah, Washington needed some serious TLC. I designed a new entrance and deck for the front and back along with garden beds.

After: The client worked tirelessly on implementing the plan and getting the home ready to sale. Now the home was ready to start a fresh, new chapter in life with new owners!

Before: The back deck was rotting and overtaken with weeds.

After: A new deck and hardscape for a fire pit, weeds removed, and a new lawn put in place, gives this house a fun area to relax and entertain.

Before: The weeds and garbage are removed.

After: Lots of space for outdoor dining with the new added deck.



Before: These clients wanted added interest to their back garden area in preparation to selling their home

After: New plantings soften the corner of this home and add bright color to a shady part of the property.

Before: These townhome owners wanted an outdoor space for entertaining and relaxing.

After: A beautiful and private place to spend time with friends or a good book.

Before: This decrepit path and stairway were not only an eye sore but a hazard.

After: A functional and beautiful path and new plantings draw visitors into the garden.



Before: These clients had large garden spaces that lacked function and appeal and wanted to utilize their front yard more.

After: Raised beds are added for a veggie garden and blueberries and make use of the sunniest part of the landscape.


After: A front seating area and raised beds added


After: A path to a fire pit added

Before: This project involved removing and reducing grass, creating harmonious blooming by relocating old growth shrubs and replacing them with fresh new plantings to give a tired garden new life.


Before: the grass was hard to maintain in this shady area and never thrived.

After: The grass is removed and a functional patio is added along with a shade loving mix of native shrubs and groundcovers.

Before: The clients was tired of the overgrown shrubs and was ready for a fresh start.

After: The mature shrubs were successfully repurposed on a back hillside and new plantings installed.


After: Grass removed and native plants installed.





Before: This home overlooking Lake Washington has some serious landscape problems. The client wanted to get rid of the grass and have a place to sit out in the garden.

After: A berm of flowers and shrubs along with boulders to provide seating, created a boundary between the garden and the retaining wall without disrupting the view.







Before: These clients wanted to streamline their garden, simplify the maintenance, and add a storage shed.

After: Leveling the yard space, eliminating the hardly used raised beds, and adding a garden shed, has made this garden easier to maintain, and a beautiful area to spend time with friends and family.

Before: These clients wanted to reduce the expanse of lawn, create a view from their front windows, and have a welcoming access to their home from the street.

After: They have been diligently working bit by bit to implement the design with beautiful results. It's exciting to watch the progression of installations!

Before: The parking area was boring and not being used to its potential.

After: The space is full of life! A tiered raised bed with a mix of evergreen herbs, veggies, and colorful art make this a year round feature.


After: A colorful garden with a mix of evergreens and perennials cuts back on the expanse of grass, increases curb appeal, and creates a beautiful view from the clients front windows. A walkway for guests is being added along the driveway and parking strip.

Before: This client wanted to build a memorial entry garden in honor of her father at her church.

After: A welcoming entrance for all to enjoy.

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